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What's It About?

The Junkyard Club is about friendship, adventure, and discovery.

When someone steals Sue and Tom's jack-o-lanterns, they decide to solve the crime themselves. Pete joins them in their quest to find the Pumpkin Thief and the missing jack-o-lanterns. The clues lead the three kids to the local junkyard, where they come face to face with -

the Pumpkin Thief!

The end of the mystery is only the beginning of the fun at the junkyard as the children weave strong strands of friendship with Granny, Jim, and Harry, the people they find living there. As the motley group of kids and grownups grow to love and trust one another, their lives are changed forever.

This book is a heart-warming must-read. Not to be missed. Buy it now.

The Junkyard Club is a mid-grade children's novel, mainly for kids about 8-12 years old, but kids as young as 4 have enjoyed having it read aloud to them.

Click here to read the first chapter of The Junkyard Club.

If you want to know more about me and how I started writing books, click here to read my biography.



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