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Hungarian Cuisine

Dedi's Pogacsa

4 C (heaping) flour
2 sticks of butter
8 oz cream chese
salt to taste
2 eggs
2 oz yeast dissolved in a little sweetened milk

Cut butter and cream chese into flour until pea-sized or less. Make a well in the center and add the other ingredients. Mix and knead until it's no longer sticky (may need additional flour). Roll flat and fold in thirds. Chill in refriderator. Repeat the rolling, folding and chilling two more times. To bake, preheat oven to 375. Cut into very snall rounds (about 1 inch in diameter). Place on greased cookie sheets and brush the tops with beaten eggs before baking. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until puffed and golden brown.

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Biscochito Recipes

Note: the traditional shape for these cookies is a fluer-de-lis.

Biscochito One

Yield: 5 dozen                  Baking Time: 10-12 minutes
Temperature: 350 F              Freeze Well

1 pound lard                    3 teaspoons baking powder
1 1/2 cups sugar                1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons anise seed          1/2 cup brandy*
2 eggs, beaten                  1/4 cup sugar
6 cups flour                    1 tablespoon cinnamon

1. Cream lard, sugar, and anise seed in a large mixing bowl. Add eggs and beat well.
2. Combine flour, baking powder, and salt in a large mixing bowl.
3. Alternately add flour and brandy to creamed mixture until stiff dough has been formed.
4. Knead dough slightly and pat or roll to a 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch thickness. Cut dough into desired shapes.
5. Combine sugar and cinnamon in a small mixing bowl. Dust the top of each cookie with a small amount of mixture.
6. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes, or until cookies are lightly browned.

* Varied amounts may be used. Bourbon or sherry may be substituted.

Biscochito Two

1 cup Lard or shortening
1/2 cup Sugar
1 Egg
3 cups Flour
1 1/2 tsp Baking powder
1/2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Anise seed
3 Tbsp Sweet wine
1/4 cup Sugar
1 Tbsp Cinnamon

Cream fat and sugar until quite creamy. Add egg and beat until very fluffy. Sift together flour, baking powder, and salt; add to creamed mixture. Stir in wine and anise seed. Roll dough to 1/4 inch thick and cut in plain squares or fancy shapes. Combine sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle on top of each cookie. Bake in a preheated 350 degree F oven for 15-20 minutes or until light brown. Freezes well.

Biscochito Three

2 cups lard
1 1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs, beaten
4 cups flour
1 T. baking powder
1 t. salt
1 T. anise seed
1/2 cup orange juice

For cinnamon/sugar mixture to sprinkle on top:
3 T. cinnamon
1 t. sugar

In large bowl cream together lard, sugar and eggs. Mix all dry ingredients with one cup flour and add to the creamed mixture, alternating with the orange juice. Add the remaining three cups of flour to make a good stiff dough that will not stick to the touch. Turn the dough onto a floured board and knead, to make a workable dough. Place in a bowl, cover and refrigerate until chilled. Roll dough to 1/4 inch thick, cut into shapes of the season. Dip into a cinnamon-sugar and bake at 350 degrees F for 10-12 minutes.

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