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From the USA

There's a line in the Junkyard Club that sums up the journey through life:
The magic of friendship is a powerful one. It's bonds are strong and long lived. Neither distance nor time can break them. They may stretch and become thinner, but they will never break unless you break them yourselves.

We have a bond with our past that neither distance nor time can break! The Junkyard Club is a journey for anyone who opens its cover and travels back to the Junkyard Clubs of his or her life. We can live again those wonderful, innocent experiences of discovery and adventure of our childhood and best of all, through Andrea Bikfalvy's beautiful story, we can share them with our children and grandchildren. I lived your story. I will share it over and over again with my grandchildren. Thank you, Andrea, for letting me get to know Sue, Tom, Jim, Pete and rediscover myself.

John Harrington Burns, Author of
Hidden Treasures
First Bite
Little Lenny Nightlight

John Burns website

From Australia

Andrea Bikfalvy has woven a delightful tale around a group of children who befriend others in less fortunate circumstances. The story starts off with a nice 'cosy' mystery around Halloween when Sue & Tom's pumpkin masks go missing. The 'detective work' of Sue & Tom lead them to a junkyard. With their friend Pete and newfound friend Jim and his 'granny' their lives are changed forever. The other 'tenant' of the 'Junkyard Club' is Harry. He also has a profound effect upon the children.

This is a rite of life tale where children discover, not only that life is not always meant to be easy and that others in less fortunate circumstances and other cultures have much to offer. Bikfalvy skillfully weaves into her tale, legend of Indian folklore, cultural tolerance, multiculturalism, humanitarianism, and above all the hypothesis that friendship and family ties are very important. Social inequalities are not simply 'glossed over' but the issues explored in depth within the story as Sue & Tom share the highs and low's with their 'Junkyard Club' friends.

A nice read. Highly recommended!

Wendy Laing
Author of Captain Angus, The Lighthouse Ghost

From India

I have often wondered why stories like The Junkyard Club never existed when I was a child. The book is very well written and hold the reader's attention till the end. Andrea has captured the elements that enthrall the children. Even though the book is her first, she has achieved what few people writing books for children have done. I read the book out to my little nephew and he did not let me stop until I had read and re-read the chapters for a week. That I suppose is the best test for the success of the work.

There is one drawback though, the book will not be an easy read for the children from the rest of the world. The scenarios are very American and I assume that the book is aimed at the children in America.

I look forward to seeing the book in print and also to read the next one. Thank you Andrea for the lovely book.

Sunil R Nair
Author of Vinettes

L/A-4, 004, Ajmera Complex.
Pimpri, Pune 411018.
Maha. India

From the USA

Sue and her brother, Tom, watched anxiously as their father carved the perfect pumpkins. It was so much fun they didn't even mind helping Mom clean-up the mess. Tom proudly named his pumpkin, Hubert, even though Sue thought it was silly to name a pumpkin.

Returning home from school the next day they noticed that the pumpkins weren't where they left them - someone had stolen the pumpkins! Not only theirs but also, their neighbor friend, Pete Hansen's. Determined to find the thief and reclaim what was theirs, the three friends, turned detectives, found more then they bargained for.

Mysterious friends, The Contraption, and Moon Princess were some of the many mysteries they experienced in the junkyard.

Author, Andrea Bikfalvy writes an enjoyable story about family love, mystery and heartbreaking relationships.

The Junkyard Club is an entertaining read sure to be enjoyed by elementary school age children.

Terri L. Sanders

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